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Debbie and Otto Gerber

Our meager beginnings started with our love of the English Golden Retriever and our involvement with the breed because of our daughter. We worked very closely with our daughter, Angela Alberts (from Perfect Peace Goldens), to establish some very nice examples of the English style of Golden Retriever. With our daughter's help (and after her move) we have decided to venture out on our own with a new name and love of the breed.

Our name "Loup Valley Goldens" comes from the area which we decided to raise our family. The Loup River Valley of Nebraska. The Loup valley area is the river valley that surrounds the 3 Loup rivers and we live right near the Middle Loup River. Our English Golden Retrievers enjoy the 1 mile hike to the river - to play and retrieve as they were meant to. Our dogs are an important part of our family.

Our yougest daughter, Danielle -still at home

We like to keep our numbers small so as to focus on each dog's training and family life. Our Goldens enjoy a nice walk each day, to romp in the snow, or bask in the sun.

We are located near Grand Island, NE - just a short drive from the capital of the state. Because of our location we do meet many people in Omaha, NE or even down in Kansas - but we do offer shipping for those who can't make the trip. We do prefer though that our new owners fly out in person to get their pup, as at a young age (8-9 weeks old) puppies can ride with you in the cabin.

We like to take part in obedience with our Goldens, confirmation, as well as a bit of agility - all through our local all breed club.

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