Ranger, Hailey's male

"I have wanted to get my own dog for the longest time, but having just recently graduated college I was not sure if I had time for that responsibility. Finally, after living alone for a few months and settle in to my new life I realized I wanted a companion to always have someone around. I grew up with a golden retriever that was my best friend and always knew that's what I wanted when I got a dog of my own. When I started putting serious thought into getting a dog I researched golden retrievers and found out about English Goldens. After reading that they act and look like golden retrievers but are white, I knew this was the exact dog I wanted."

"My boyfriend and I started searching for breeders and found Loup Valley Goldens. Both of us felt this was the best fit because of the extensive questions they ask and their willingness to openly share their Faith. We knew we could trust them. Besides those key facts, their dogs were beautiful and seemed so loved. I filled out the questionaire and it took no time at all to hear back from them. After speaking with Danielle I knew I was going to find my perfect dog and luckily with everything working out, Labor Day weekend I picked up 8 week old Ranger. Ranger is 7 months old now and I could not imagine my life without him. He is my best friend and makes me happier than I ever was. He is the sweetest and most loyal dog I have known and people are amazed when they see his calm temperament since he is still a puppy."

"Everywhere Ranger and I go people stop to ask me what kind of dog he is and comment on how beautiful he is. He has quickly become a family favorite,and is included at all family gatherings. I cannot imagine my life without my best friend, Ranger, and thank God every day for the blessing He has given me. I also appreicate the open communication I have had with the Gerbers. We have kept in contact and they have always been so excited to see pictures of Ranger as he grows. I cannot express how blessed I am to have met such a great family that has given me the best gift in my life. I have only the best things to say about my experience with Loup Valley Goldens, and praise God for the perfect dog I have. Ranger is all I could ask for in a companion!"

¬ Hailey H., Oklahoma

Bailey, Angie's female

"I began corresponding via email with Danielle when Bailey was 2 weeks old. All the way through the process to picking her up at the Airport at 8 weeks, I was never disappointed by the Loup Valley family. Bailey far exceeded my expectations when I first saw her at the Omaha Airport after our trip from Oregon to get her. She is 6 months old now and brings such happiness to our family. I would not hesitate to get another Golden from Loup Valley or to recommend them to anyone else. My contact information is available through Loup Valley if you need further reference."

¬ Angie E., Oregon



Ivy, Annika's dog

"We are a family with four young children and so we spent a lot of time researching the best dog breed for our family. After identifying our ideal breed, the Golden Retriever, we then looked to find the breeder from where we would adopt our new family member."

"We were initially impressed with Loup Valley Goldens after reading about the Gerber Family online and after seeing their dogs. They are such a warm, caring family and took such care to guide us through the adoption of Ivy. We especially loved viewing the puppy pics weekly as we awaited the day we could bring our puppy home. Ivy is such a sweet puppy and has proven very eager to please and easy to train. Our vet said Ivy is one of the most beautiful puppies she has ever seen, and healthy, too! We would recommend Loup Valley Goldens to anyone interested in adopting a Golden Retriever."

¬ Annika G., Omaha, NE



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